Our Core Values

Arkwood Living, new build home developers, are local and proud to build homes valued by the communities we are part of. Our core values extend beyond our corporate responsibilities and benefit our customers and the communities they are proud to live in.

We take a holistic approach as new build home developers, building new homes that have a purpose beyond profit. Whilst profit is important, it is never made at the expense of our customers. Quality and service is of paramount importance to us and our aim is to leave a positive legacy wherever we build. Our core values which set us apart from other new build home developers;

Local Responsibility

We are proud to be part of our local communities. Being a local business means we are here for the long term and therefore our reputation is extremely important to us. The way we do business is defined by our exemplary ethics and wherever possible we aim to invest in the local economy by employing local businesses and people to help us build.

We Care

Making sure our customers are happy is a priority for everyone at Arkwood Living. We believe that buying a new home is a life changing experience and our purpose is to make it better. Our exceptional customer service is underpinned by our ten stage customer journey which makes you a priority in every step of moving into your new home. Our Customer Journey. Our service doesn’t end once you’ve moved in. We also provide an extensive aftercare service backed up by a 10 year new build warranty.

Better by Design

The quality of our homes is driven by design excellence. We are new build home developers that take pride in designing homes that actually work, where furniture fits and where families can live comfortably and safely. We do this by understanding what people actually want rather than what’s best for us. We take care to understand what’s important to our customers and incorporate these features into our homes.

Dependable Quality

The quality of an Arkwood Living home is much more than the exceptional level of specification we offer. Our houses are constructed to outstanding quality standards and great care is taken to make sure everything is built properly - including the things you can’t see.

More than a Home

Our developments are much more than a home, they’re a place to live where communities can thrive. We believe that people and their aspirations are unique and therefore the homes we build can be personalised to meet individual needs. We take pride in how our developments look, making sure they integrate perfectly into their environment. By engaging with our customers and the community to understand what they really need, we make sure the places we build are where people are proud to live.

Arkwood Living – More than a Home
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